Emerald City Theme Bundles

are custom WordPress theme development packages that include
everything you need for a performant, accessible, scalable and affordable WordPress site.

A High-Performance Custom Theme

At the center of each theme package is a lightweight, component-based, fully responsive and accessible theme, built on a base of Bootstrap 5. Every theme is built to be fully compatible with all current WordPress features, plugins and extensions, including WooCommerce.

A Wide Variety
Of Components

Each Emerald City theme is built with its own native ecosystem of components, minimizing your reliance on third-party plugins and the security risks and performance hit that come with them.

Content Management
Made Easy

The Emerald City Theme Packages include an easy system for adding, moving, deleting and editing your components and their content on the back-end. You can also easily edit colors, buttons and more.

Installation & Setup Included

Each package includes installation and setup of the theme, pages and any necessary plugins on your WordPress host server.

Maintenance Optional

You can choose to maintain the site yourself after it's live, or you can choose an optional maintenance package to keep everything running smoothly.

The Top Five Reasons To Choose An Emerald City Custom Theme

Freedom to Grow

The number one reason clients choose a custom theme is the ability to evolve and scale their website to meet their business needs. I design and write the code of all my themes to be easily scaled and further developed, by myself or future developers, something commercial themes can make difficult. A development-friendly theme is invaluable to growing organizations, whether you want to add features and functionality, minimize reliance on third-party services, or integrate your website and app.

High Performance

Performance optimization is a top priority for website owners, and I have helped many clients achieve dramatic improvements in their site performance. Every Emerald City package theme is built to optimize performance. This includes using built-in components to reduce dependence on third-party plugins.

Accessible To Everyone

Making your website accessible to everyone is essential, but many WordPress themes, including some of the biggest names in the industry, fail to meet even basic accessibility guidelines. As accessibility has become a more significant issue, many client have hired me for my experience in web accessibility. I build accessibility into the code and page manager of every theme.

Quality Control

With an Emerald City custom theme package, you can be confident of the quality. You get to witness the development process, test out the product and ask questions along the way, and know the QA process is successfully completed. Every theme I build meets and exceeds the WordPress theme development guidelines.

Make It Yours

While clients come for the freedom to grow, they stay for the customization options. A custom theme and builder have your preferences built into their code, making your site easy to manage.

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